Which is better: Nissan or Toyota - comparing the Japanese

Teana and Camry are two worthy samurai representing the most famous automobile clans of Japan: Nissan and Toyota. According to the automobile classification, these sedans belong to the “D” class. And although Toyota, in some of its releases, classifies the new Camry modification as the “E” segment, in reality these sedans differ slightly in both their size and their technical characteristics. But they differ significantly in popularity among car enthusiasts, especially in our country. Toyota Camry, for more than ten years, has held the undisputed first place in terms of sales.

The most reliable car brands

The American association JD Power&Associates conducted a survey in which about 31 thousand car owners took part. The study involved cars that were 3 years old and of different brands. Based on the number of breakdowns per 100 cars, a rating of the most reliable car brands . They became:

  1. Lexus (86)
  2. Porsche (98)
  3. Cadillac (104)
  4. Toyota (104)
  5. Mercedes-Benz (112)
  6. Lincoln (116)
  7. Ford (124)
  8. Hyundai (125)
  9. Acura (129)
  10. Honda (131)
  11. Chevrolet (135)
  12. Volvo (143)
  13. Audi (148)
  14. Smart (148)
  15. Subaru (149)

Technical details and features in motion

To have a clearer idea of ​​the capabilities of our opponents on the road, we present their basic technical data.

characteristicstoyota camryNissan Teana
engine2.5 l. petrol 2.5 l. petrol
power181 l. With. 173 l. With.
transmission6 speed automaticvariable speed drive
acceleration to 100 km/h9.0 sec9.8 sec
average fuel consumption7.8 l/100 km7.5 l/100 km
clearance160 mm150 mm
fuel tank70 l68 l

These cars need to be “fed” with high-quality 95-octane gasoline. Engine oil in Nissan should be changed every 15 thousand km. mileage, and in Camry - every 10 thousand. It is recommended to change the transmission oil in both places every 60 thousand km. mileage If you follow all these recommendations, the operation of these sedans will be almost problem-free. Although the answer to the question of which is more reliable, automatic transmission or variator, everyone can give themselves after a more or less long run. The cost of maintenance, as well as the cost of their repair, is not too different.

The front suspensions of these sedans have the same design, MacPherson struts, but the rear ones are different. The Nissan has a multi-link suspension, while the Toyota has an independent spring suspension with anti-roll bar.

According to the passport data, their maximum speed is the same - 210 km/h. But in motion, rivals have different characters. Despite the fact that the Camry is somewhat more powerful and picks up the first 100 km/h faster, this car feels almost completely devoid of emotions and desire to actively accelerate and steer. The time-tested automatic switches gears smoothly and clearly, monitoring the operation of the gas pedal as if from the side. The response to its pressing, although timely, is not at all instantaneous. This is neither good nor bad, this is the standard. The comfort in the cabin is practically not disturbed by any significant road irregularities. The suspension is configured for measured movement without any elements of drive, but at a fairly decent speed. And the higher this speed, the less noticeable are the holes and bumps on the road.

The Teana, in contrast to the Camry, responds very actively to pressing the accelerator pedal. Smooth, jerk-free acceleration begins almost instantly. The variator goes into operation without hesitation. The steering is very informative and encourages active movement, both on a straight line and in turns and on bends. The suspension grips the road tenaciously during almost any maneuvers. But, unfortunately, Nissan passengers feel almost all the road flaws, which, of course, is a minus. Although it is impossible to say that the car is rigid, it is rather elastic with an informative suspension.

Subcompact crossovers

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Just recently released a new model of an urban crossover. The Toyota C-HR is a direct competitor to the Nissan Beetle. Some say that the new Toyota is similar to the Nissan Beetle, but the appearance of this SUV is very recognizable. The car looks very knocked down and “muscular”. The front part received a very bold and aggressive design, which is complemented by complex optics and a faceted front bumper. The emphasis in the rear is also placed on pronounced optics. The Nissan Beetle looks no worse. The car looks very extravagant, but not everyone will like this design. The very bold shapes of the optics go well with the “plump” shapes of the car itself.

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The interior of the Toyota looks futuristic and is more suitable for a young audience. The interior of the Nissan looks worse than the Toyota, it continues the rounded shape of the whole car, so it looks a little old-fashioned. The materials used in the interior trim of the Nissan are rough, and there are also many glossy and easily soiled parts.

Conclusion: in fact, the situation does not change at all - both cars are very good. Of course, in the class of subcompact crossovers, off-road is out of the question, but if we compare the facts, Toyota is slightly ahead of Nissan in terms of comfort, interior and exterior design.

"Undecided Guy"

There is another representative of the Nissan brand, which does not have a direct competitor. Nissan-Qashqai belongs to the class of crossovers, but Toyota does not have a crossover that could compete with it. Therefore, here you can ask: “Which is better: Nissan Qashqai or Toyota Camry?” The choice is obvious. Or maybe a Nissan Qashqai or Toyota Rav 4? And again no. Qashqai has no competitor for comparison. Outwardly it looks very premium, it has adopted all the features from its older brother “Ixtrail”. The sloping roof and raised “folds” on the side give it a sporty look.

There are 4 engines in the range of engines: 1.2 liters and 1.6 liters - petrol, as well as 1.5 and 1.6 liters diesel. As a gearbox, you can only choose a variator and mechanics. Basically, the Nissan Qashqai has front-wheel drive (only one 1.6 diesel engine has all-wheel drive).

Battle of the Giants

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Let's start comparing Nissan and Toyota superficially, without delving into the detailed characteristics of the models. Most people think that Toyota is much better than Nissan. This may be true, but since these automakers compete directly with each other, they cannot afford for one of them to be better. As they say, here everyone is good at what. Nissan, for example, focuses on more frequent restyling of its cars and, accordingly, monitors the design of the exterior and interior. Toyota, on the contrary, places its emphasis on the quality of interior materials and the car itself, therefore relegating design to the background. It is also worth mentioning that it produces the same cars for all markets, and Nissan produces its cars, adapting them to different operating conditions. Also, Nissan, unlike Toyota, can use engines with outdated technologies in order to reduce the cost of the car. But this does not mean that Toyota or Nissan are better than each other.

Bottom line

When choosing based on three main parameters who is better, the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla, it was not possible to identify the undisputed leader. In Toyota's defense, we can say that this company is a Japanese leader in innovation and new technologies, and this is fully represented in the Corolla. Honda, meanwhile, is considered the most reliable car in the world and always offers the optimal combination of sport, comfort, and design and technology. The Civic buyer values ​​individuality and strives to stand out from the crowd. Corolla fans value quality and safety above all else.


Interior of Toyota Camry and Nissan Teana

There is no business class car without a leather interior. In both cars you can choose leather trim in a light or dark tone. The bright interior of the Toyota Camry stands out and creates a pleasant feeling - the interior pleases with high-quality assembly. Even the deceptive wooden parts want to pretend to be a little more expensive. Excellent seat design. This is especially noticeable in the Nissan Teana - in it the front passenger seat can be folded almost horizontally. Driver's seat in Toyota Camry with electric. drive, and the steering wheel can only be adjusted manually, and only by tilt. Heated seats are located under the armrest. The picturesqueness and sensitivity of the multimedia system display will depend on the modification: in the basic version - a monochrome screen, in more expensive variations - a color one, and in more advanced ones - with a touch-screen option. It displays the image from the rear camera. There are no parking sensors in the car.

The Nissan Teana has parking sensors. The steering wheel in it can be adjusted both in reach and in length, and in premium versions the steering column has a servo drive that lifts the steering wheel when the ignition is off. The wooden parts are the same as the opponent's. The interior can be called light, but the front panel and door armrests are made of black plastic. Its interior design is inferior to its rival.

In the Nissan Teana, all the seats are quite comfortable; 3 passengers can comfortably sit in the back, but for two there will be special comfort, since there is an armrest in the central backrest. It has climate control buttons as well as music. There are also buttons for seat heating and ventilation, but they are available in premium versions. There's plenty of space in the back, but there's almost no headroom and not enough legroom.

In the Toyota Camry there is enough space for both legs and head. The rear row is adjustable in tilt and with electric. drive. The armrest also contains buttons for the climate system and music.


Honda Insight and Toyota Prius must also be compared in terms of driving safety.

What can you say about Honda? The machine is equipped with the following systems:

  1. front, side airbags;
  2. pillows to protect the heads of passengers;
  3. ABS;
  4. directional stability;
  5. tire pressure monitoring sensor.

The Prius has the same safety systems as those featured in the Honda. Additionally, you can note the presence of airbags for passenger legs.

Which Kruzak is cooler in appearance

Kruzak car owners love to compare cars by appearance. If appearance plays an important role for a future TLK driver, then you need to look at the body characteristics:

  • increase in calipers for TLK 200 after restyling in 2015;
  • the presence of LED head optics;
  • updated dashboard, detailed maps;
  • extended rear lights;
  • wide tires with powerful treads;
  • chrome door moldings give the car a finished look;
  • five-seater cabin without rear folding beds.

The manufacturer has added disabling eco mode. After pressing this button, the car becomes even more smooth and accelerates faster. The ECU of the 200th Kruzak is reflashed after purchase. This is how the dynamics of movement are regulated.

The restyled Kruzak looks like a strong, well-thought-out model down to the smallest detail, compared to the modification before the transformation. Old models cannot be compared with new ones.

But, if a car owner is a fan of square bodies, then he will buy a TLK Prado 80 or 100. They resemble Russian UAZs in appearance, only modified and with smooth corners.

Conclusion: which Land Cruiser is better?

If the future owner of a vehicle from Toyota has not yet decided which Land Cruiser will be cooler, then it is important for him to decide what he needs more: a status or budget all-terrain vehicle with low fuel consumption by SUV standards.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is more of a car that is bought to show one’s status in society. Moreover, recently, its reliability and durability of components has noticeably decreased according to car owners and experienced mechanics.

On the contrary, early modifications show high survivability in difficult operating conditions and in low-cost repairs. Therefore, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, 80 or Prado cars are suitable for those who have a small budget. These vehicles require less fuel and are able to travel thousands of kilometers without major repairs.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 and 100 models do not have the comfort that the Cruiser 200 modification has, but people like them for their reliability and long service life.

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