All-wheel drive minibus: Hyundai-Starex, Toyota. Which to choose?


Due to the fact that minivans can transport not only passengers, but also bulky cargo, they are classified as utility vehicles.
The maximum number of passengers that can fit in a car besides the driver is 8 people. If in front of you is a car with a larger capacity, then it is already a minibus. Front airbags are responsible for the safety of the front seat passenger and driver. Some models also have additional side airbags or “curtains”. To expand the interior space of the cabin, the developers increased the height of the body, which led to an increase in the landing of the car - this is what distinguishes it from station wagons and hatchbacks. This design solution has led to the fact that the driver of this car has a lot of advantages: increased visibility allows the driver to control what is happening on the road and avoid various obstacles in advance. Also, when getting into the car, you do not need to bend over and take an uncomfortable position. It is noticeable in the photo that the doorway is of sufficient height for an adult to sit comfortably.

Ford B-max

It is worth noting that the spaciousness of the interior and its ability to transform is one of the trump cards that any minivan can boast of. Almost every model provides the ability to fold the last row of seats, and in some they can be removed from the cabin through a side door (usually a sliding door, but sometimes a hinged one). Select minivans may have a folding second row of seats. This allows you to significantly increase the size of the luggage compartment.

As for the layout, the minivan can be hooded, hoodless or semi-hooded. The photo shows one of them.

Example of a half-hood layout

In a hood arrangement, the engine is located directly under the hood of the car. The cabover layout involves placing the engine in the middle of the body, and the half-hood layout is a little closer to the cabin. According to the results of crash tests, it turned out that half-hood and cabover configurations are the safest for minivans, so modern models are produced in one of these options. The carriage layout is used only for minibuses.

Where was the first minibus invented?

The year of birth of the first minibus is considered to be 1949, and the place is Germany. It was created on the basis of the legendary "Beetle" on. The idea came from local entrepreneur Ben Pon. He accidentally came across a converted old Volkswagen Beetle. Workers at one workshop independently redesigned a passenger car into a small self-propelled cart. They removed the roof and seats from the car's interior. Ben Pon a couple of days later proposed a car for the joint transportation of passengers and small cargo. The body of the new minibus was solid and attached to the frame. The first minibus was named Volksvagen Bulli (translated as “bull”). Later this model began to be called “T1”.

Since this period, many car manufacturers began to produce their own minibuses. In the 50s, the automotive industry experienced a real boom in them. Passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo minibuses saw the light. They could solve any problem of transporting goods and transporting passengers.

Currently, minibuses with various engines are produced. They are equipped with mechanical and automatic transmissions. An all-wheel drive minibus was also created. All-wheel drive will help ensure safety for passengers and driver. If you encounter off-road conditions along the way, the all-wheel drive minibus will not let you down here either. This minibus is very stable. This quality is especially evident when the road surface is wet. This has made it possible to use modern small-sized buses in many areas of human activity.

A selection of popular all-wheel drive minivans and minibuses with high ground clearance

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Today, the market for all-wheel drive minivans with high ground clearance is represented, for the most part, by models from the secondary market, as well as by cars that are not officially supplied to the domestic market.

In this selection, we will try to consider those cars that are relatively “fresh” and their purchase can be profitable in terms of financial operating costs.


Mitsubishi Delica

This all-wheel drive minibus with high ground clearance is one of the classic representatives of its class. A roomy interior with seats that can be moved at the owner's request, a high level of comfort, high ground clearance, all-wheel drive and reliable engines made the car almost ideal for utilitarian tasks.

Depending on the year of manufacture on the secondary market, the cost of individual copies varies in the range from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. It is worth noting the presence of diesel versions, which are economical and highly reliable.

Video - story about Mitsubishi Delica (Japanese “loaf” for 400 thousand):

The downside is that most Deliks on the domestic market are right-hand drive, which will require some getting used to and leads to some difficulties. However, this fact has a positive effect on the price - in Russia, right-hand drive versions are traditionally cheaper than regular ones.

Toyota Sienna

Very often, reviews include this large and comfortable minivan, produced for the US market to this day.

Video - popular test drive of the Toyota Sienna minivan:

Unfortunately, the car is not suitable for those who like high ground clearance and off-road driving, since it has ground clearance equal to the standard front-wheel drive version. So the only advantage of the AWD version can be stability on a snowy winter road.

Toyota Hiace

This minibus is still produced in Japan and has both mono- and all-wheel drive versions. What’s good about the 4x4 version is that the car’s ground clearance can compete with serious SUVs.

Video - review of the Japanese minivan Toyota Hayes:

All-wheel drive modifications are rare on the secondary market, but are in stable demand.


Hyundai Starex H-1

This minivan with high ground clearance can be considered a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle. The model is relatively fresh, its design looks quite modern, especially for the restyled version, the production of which started after 2010.

Video review of Hyundai Starex:

The car was offered with diesel power units of 116 and 170 horsepower, as well as a 2.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 170 horsepower.

Due to the fact that the car is relatively “fresh”, you can find examples in very good condition on the secondary market. Also, the advantages include high spaciousness, as well as the traditional location of the steering wheel.



This all-wheel drive minivan became a kind of experiment for the manufacturer, which did not receive further development (unless you consider the all-wheel drive E-class station wagon, presented quite recently, as such).

Video - test drive of Mercedes-Benz R Class:

The secondary market offers quite a large selection of these cars, and the equipment of this semi-minivan is truly royal. It includes a leather interior, alloy wheels, a climate system, heated seats, the entire imaginable set of electric drives and much more. The engine power is 306 horsepower and fuel consumption is 13 liters per 100 km.

Volkswagen Multivan (Volkswagen California)

This minibus with all-wheel drive is considered a kind of crowning achievement of German engineers. Comfortable and roomy, it has increased ground clearance and is designed for long-distance family trips and outdoor activities.


As disadvantages, two factors can be noted - high cost and the fact that the actual ground clearance of the car is still too small for Russian roads.

Lada 4×4

The most affordable SUV in Russia is the legendary Lada 4×4. The model, formerly known as the Niva, has been produced virtually unchanged since 1977. The car is offered with permanent all-wheel drive and a single engine with a power of 83 hp. and a manual transmission. But there are several versions - the body can be 3- or 5-door, both in the classic and in the “modern” Urban version. The Bronto modification stands apart, characterized by increased cross-country ability. The basic three-door version of Lada 4×4 costs 518,900 rubles.

Kia Venga

Thermal mug rating of the best

This is a relatively new model from a famous Korean manufacturer. It was first presented in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The excellent price-quality ratio sets it apart from its competitors. Available with front-wheel drive.

It can be an excellent family car that will please all members of your family with its spaciousness. Sales centers offer models with diesel and gasoline engines. There is also plenty to choose from in terms of volume.

A good ground clearance of 152 mm will provide you with confident driving on the roads of our country.

Volkswagen Touran

The eighth place goes to this famous German model. The demand for it is really great. It has even become a real flagship on the used market. A compact model that has been on the market for about 12 years. Over the years of its existence, it has not let down its owners, according to whose reviews it is the best car in the world. The latest generation has been produced since 2010.

Citroën C4 Picasso

The French also work quite successfully with minivans. The Citroën C4 Picasso is particularly popular on the market. In terms of passenger safety, this brand is ahead of the rest.

Available exclusively with front-wheel drive. Great family car. Particularly popular in the engine line is the engine, the volume of which is 2 liters. It has a power of 143 hp. With.

, which allow him not to get lost even on the highway.

Ford S-Max

The latest generation of this car was presented relatively recently at the Paris Motor Show. There are rumors that the new product will appear on the market in 2020. The manufacturer claims that the new generation will have as many as 32 combinations. Today you can buy an excellent minivan by choosing from several gasoline or diesel engines.

Honda Freed

This Japanese becomes number 5 on our list. It has a beautiful appearance and excellent build quality. produced since 2008. It can be with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The choice is always yours. The engine is 1.5 liters and produces 113 hp. With. will make you feel confident on any road.

Toyota Alphard

A very nice Japanese car with an original body structure. Apparently, this is precisely why it attracts thousands of buyers in our country.

The seven-seater minivan has long been the flagship of the modern market. The model is quite powerful.

It has been supplied to our country since 2011 in a modification with a 3.5 liter engine, which will allow you to feel confident in any life situation.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

And this model is distinguished by the presence of a six-speed robotic gearbox in the lineup. She has proven herself excellent in practice. Excellent ergonomics allow you to feel comfortable both in the rear seats and behind the wheel of this minivan. The excellent price-quality ratio will also please any buyer.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

It is this model that becomes the silver medalist of our TOP. True German quality is embodied in it 100 percent. The appearance of this full-size minivan is simply striking in its beauty.

It can accommodate your entire family thanks to its long body. It is worth noting that the model ceased production in Germany in 2013. Today, production is established exclusively in China, but using technology from a German concern.

So even Chinese swallows have excellent characteristics and build quality.

Toyota Venza

This model becomes our winner today. It is strange that this darkness is aimed exclusively at the North American market. Of course, in our country you can also buy this swallow, but you will have to look for it on the market.

The manufacturer's lineup includes models with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. A ground clearance of 205 mm will provide you with excellent maneuverability on any road. The model will not get lost off-road. Engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and a power of 268 hp. With. provides confidence on the road.

Dear friends, today I presented to your attention the best minivans in 2014-2015. These models have become real favorites among buyers this season.

Toyota Sienna (Toyota Sienna).

Is it sold in the Russian Federation: no, only on the secondary market.

Characteristics and features:

  • ground clearance of more than 173 mm (only for the second generation, 2003-2009 onwards!);
  • reliable diesel and gasoline engines with a volume of 2.7 to 3.5 liters;
  • automatic transmission;
  • spacious 8-seater saloon.

Price: a used car starts at 650,000 rubles, a new one (if imported from Europe) is in the range of 29,000 - 45,000 USD.

Comfort comes first

Rating of the best cars for tuning

While working on the creation of minivans, the designers sought to create a vehicle that would be convenient for transporting several passengers and their luggage. Today there are cars on sale with a number of seats from 5 to 7 or more. The best option is considered to be seven-seater models: the back row of seats can be folded or removed, placing luggage in their place, and the remaining seats are quite enough to accommodate two children with their parents.

7-seater minivan models boast good stability and handling, they show good results in crash tests - which means that their safety is at the proper level. Each manufacturer strives to take into account all the shortcomings of previous versions and create the perfect car. That is why in the modern car market there is such an abundance of a wide variety of minivans that compete with each other in quality, attractiveness and price. Conventionally, all representatives of the minivan family, where there are 7 seats in the cabin, can be divided into two price categories - up to 1 million rubles and more than 1 million rubles.

Video about the Chevrolet Orlando:

Mercedes-Benz R- >Is it sold in the Russian Federation: only on the used car market.

Characteristics and features:

  • wide range of power units;
  • all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive;
  • various interior layout options - 7, 6 and 5 seats;
  • Russified interface;
  • 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic with manual gear shift;
  • maximum speed 250 km/h (electronically limited);
  • average fuel consumption is from 10.9 to 16.3 liters per 100 km, depending on the year of manufacture of the car for gasoline versions and 8.5-9.3 liters for diesel ones;
  • trunk volume – 414 liters;
  • ground clearance - 147 mm.

Price: from 380 thousand rubles to 1.8 million.

The best all-wheel drive minivans

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All-wheel drive minivans are the most suitable cars for large families who like to travel in comfort and are always concerned about reliability and safety. The key advantage of such cars is the large volume and ergonomic capabilities of the internal space, and most importantly, they are not afraid of country roads. Below are the best all-wheel drive cars in this category.

2013 Honda Odyssey all-wheel drive minivan.

Honda Odyssey is produced in two versions, starting from the second generation - for the Asian and North American markets. The engine is equipped with a two-stage intake manifold, and the engine is capable of developing 248 horsepower. The minivan impresses with its safety, which includes Brake Assist, Stability Assist and ABS systems.

Toyota Sienna

When developing the Toyota Sienna minivan, the base of such models as Highlander, Venza, RAV4, Prius and Camry was used. This car embodies the characteristics of a family sedan and the capabilities of a powerful crossover. In addition, the sporty face of the Toyota Venza makes the car not only reliable, but also stylish.

Dodge Grand Caravan

When developing this model, engineers decided to convince everyone that a family car should not be boring on the road. All suspension elements have been modified and retuned in the latest generation, the engine range has been radically changed, and the stylish interior and exterior design will not leave any family indifferent. And what about the unfolded luggage compartment? It reminds me of the AN-124.

Mazda MAZDA5

The MAZDA5 is always more than just practical. This all-wheel drive minivan is truly versatile, boasting plenty of options and a wide range of uses. The design of the model is as original as possible, the dynamic characteristics are incredibly powerful, and the versatility is really useful for a family-class car.

Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest was developed based on the Nissan Elgrand. It is made in four variations, each of which is equipped with a 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine with six cylinders in a V-twin arrangement. The car is designed specifically for the North American market.

Kia Sedona

This model was developed on the basis of the Ford Windstar and has very impressive dimensions. The interior, as befits a minivan, is comfortable and spacious. Three rows of seats invite passengers to sit on them and ride like a breeze. The air conditioning can be controlled from the cabin, and the driver's space is also equipped with maximum comfort. For 2014, Kia presented an updated minivan design.

2014 Kia ​​Sedona concept

Chevrolet Uplander

Uplander is aimed at active family vacations and combines the practicality of a minivan and the dynamism of an SUV. The basic Chevrolet Uplander kit even includes a child seat, as well as devices to increase the level of comfort and safety on the road.

Volkswagen Multivan Panamericana

The ancestor of minivans is the all-wheel drive Volkswagen Multivan Panamericana. The key purpose of the car is family trips to nature. The transformation of the Volkswagen Multivan interior is amazing: the car can be turned into a spacious bedroom or a meeting room.

Volkswagen California

This is an ideal option for camping lovers.
The interior is specially equipped for relaxation, taking into account advanced technologies, the power units are durable and reliable. The car is presented in the form of a real house on wheels. High power and increased efficiency thanks to a combination of new gearboxes and new engines. The passenger and driver's areas of the Volkswagen California interior have attractive and ergonomic equipment.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

In this case, we have a harmonious combination of the characteristics of a sports car and the reliable qualities of a family sedan with a presentable appearance. A seven-seater car with a spacious trunk is everything you need for a long trip for a large family.

The best engineers are still working to produce the most reliable family minivans. Many of them achieve incredible results in this area, and you can see this using the example of the cars discussed above.

The best cars with high ground clearance: comparative characteristics

Naturally, such elite models are not designed to drive through a swamp, but if Infiniti gets off-road, it will be able to overcome almost any obstacle. A high ground clearance of 26.3 cm, a powerful engine, excellent suspension, large wheels, help to achieve this. as well as electronic all-wheel drive control systems.

As a result, the car guarantees a comfortable and safe ride in any conditions. Crossovers are an excellent alternative to SUVs when you are looking for an economical car with high ground clearance. In fact, they are station wagons with increased ground clearance and all-wheel drive. With such a car, not only can you overcome any obstacle, in addition, it has excellent handling, especially in the cold season. The ground clearance of this German is 26.2 cm (previously it was 26.5 cm).

Models costing over a million rubles

To complete our review, below we will consider cars that do not belong to the minivan family.

Chevrolet Tahoe

In the photo we see a luxurious beauty, made in the classic Chevrolet style. The impressive front end of the car with rectangular outlines is decorated with a recognizable radiator grille with the brand badge. The model looks very solid, and this is not surprising: its price starts at 2.28 million rubles. The spacious cabin has enough space for 7 passengers and luggage. This car successfully competes with premium cars from Cadillac - Tahoe is much more common on Russian roads than its rival.

The wheelbase of the all-wheel drive vehicle is 294.5 cm, the maximum trunk volume is 3085 liters, the minimum is 480 liters. In the Russian car market, you can purchase only one version of the model, which is equipped with a 5.3-liter gasoline engine capable of delivering 325 hp. It is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Ford Explorer

This “iron horse” looks like a real “American” should look like

Impressive dimensions, a powerful front end, high wheel arches, original headlights - all this cannot but attract attention when this monster rushes along the highway, rustling tires. The cabin, designed for 7 seats, allows you to travel comfortably over any distance.

The wheelbase of the model is 286 cm, the maximum trunk volume is 2285 liters, the minimum is 595 liters. Under the hood you can find a powerful 3.5-liter engine, the power of which reaches 294 hp. It is complemented by a 6-speed automatic transmission. Fans of xenon headlights and keyless entry will be disappointed by the lack of these features. But the multimedia system on Windows will please true geeks: only a true fan will be able to understand the many options that pop up on the touch screen. The estimated cost of this model starts from 1,750,000 rubles.

Ford Explorer

Cadillac Escalade

This car can rightfully be called the best car that represents seven-seater models in this price segment. The regal posture is complemented by a stylish radiator grille and the original shape of the headlights. Its adaptive suspension easily copes with any road irregularities, turning the ride into a comfortable journey. The interior is decorated with the best materials and equipped with the latest technical innovations.

The wheelbase of the car is 294.6 cm, the maximum trunk volume is 3085 liters, the minimum is 478 liters. The drive is rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The minivan is equipped with an engine whose volume reaches 6.2 liters, due to which it can demonstrate a power of 409 hp. The second option is a 6-liter engine with a power of 337 hp. The engine is complemented by a 6-speed automatic transmission. The estimated price of the model is from 3 million rubles.

Cadillac Escalade

KIA Mohave

Inexpensive, but reliable - this is how you can characterize this all-wheel drive vehicle with 7 seats. Less than 22 cm of ground clearance makes it one of the highest among representatives of this price category

Stylish, sporty design, good equipment and high-quality interior trim attract the attention of car enthusiasts who prefer to get a reliable and spacious car for their money.

The wheelbase of the KIA minivan is 289.5 cm, the maximum trunk volume is 2765 liters, the minimum is 350 liters. Manufacturers offer a choice of two engines: a 3.8-liter gasoline engine with 275 hp. with automatic transmission5 or 3 liter diesel with 250 hp. with automatic transmission8. The estimated cost of the model is from 1,770,000 rubles.

KIA Mohave

Land Cruiser 200

Despite its rather high price, this 7-seater car is popular among Russian car enthusiasts. Toyota's sales figures are simply off the charts, and a significant role in this is played by the car's high technical equipment, off-road driving mode and the manufacturer's image, which has been developed over the years. In the photo we see a stylish modern car that confidently behaves on city streets, climbing curbs, and on the sides of country roads.

The wheelbase of this monster is 285 cm, the maximum trunk volume is 1267 liters, the minimum is 259 liters. Under the hood you can find a 4.6-liter gasoline engine with a power of 309 hp. or a 4.5 liter diesel with 235 hp.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

The car is equipped with automatic transmission6, heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats and other useful and necessary functions. Approximately its price starts at 3,250,000 rubles.

Who needs an all-wheel drive minibus?

Nowadays minibuses are very popular. They are happy to buy them for a large family. The minibus can comfortably accommodate 8-12 people, with enough space for luggage. Any trip for a large company will be comfortable and give a lot of impressions.

For entrepreneurs, a minibus is also a convenient option. If the business is related to the delivery of goods, then an all-wheel drive minibus will be the optimal solution. The salon can accommodate quite a lot of products. There are also specially equipped buses. For example, some are designed for food distribution: they are equipped with refrigeration equipment. If necessary, the minibus can be turned into a mobile workshop or office on wheels. If your business involves transporting a small number of passengers, then a small-sized bus will be an ideal option.

An all-wheel drive minibus today combines many qualities:

  • multifunctionality;
  • reliability;
  • high off-road qualities;
  • optimal price.

What minivans are sold in Russia

Car manufacturers strive to satisfy the needs of customers as much as possible. In this regard, minivans of all brands can be found on domestic roads. This body type is in greater demand by large families, as it can accommodate up to 8 people, including the driver. In this case, rights with the most popular category “B” are used.

Basic Concepts

Russian roads met this type of car quite positively. Even with their specific design, minivans in Russia were able to win 5-7% of the market. Single-volume machines are distinguished by their solid spaciousness; in this case, high ceilings and a significant glass area are especially noticeable. This improves visibility and makes parking easy.

Almost all models of minivans and their close “relatives”, compact vans, are designed for family trips.

  • Automakers have taken this fact into account by equipping the interior of such cars with many different niches, drawers, cup holders and other assistants for storing useful little things.
  • A higher seating position than in a classic passenger car provides better visibility for the driver, which has a positive impact on safety. It becomes possible to react more quickly to changing traffic situations.
  • Almost the entire range of minivans differs from compact vans in that they have a full-size trunk. And there is no need to increase it by folding the rear row. Rear passengers are just as comfortable as everyone else.
  • The disadvantages of this configuration include increased dimensions and increased weight compared to passenger cars. For comfort and space inside you have to pay for a long time spent in parking lots. Also, the disadvantage of such parameters is noticeable at the gas station, because the consumption of compact vans is about a liter less than that of classic minivans.

In order to know which minivans are sold in Russia, it is necessary to conduct research on the current market. Car showrooms periodically update their lineup, but some models continue to be in demand for a long time, passing from one car owner to another.

Rating of the Russian minivan market 2020

Let's consider the popular officially sold models on the domestic market. Their advantages are the following factors:

  • availability of a warranty from the manufacturer;
  • wide network of service stations;
  • the ability to choose a model with the optimal configuration, etc.

Kia Venga

Kia brand products have been attracting drivers in our country for decades. One of the advantages is an affordable price with decent quality. Initially, this model was developed for domestic Korean consumers. However, later our car enthusiasts also appreciated its quality, purchasing first used cars and then a new model range.

Venga has been on the market for more than five years. Under the hood, either a gasoline power unit or a diesel engine can be installed. Both options are very economical. This subcompact model has exclusively front-wheel drive, although the engineers did not endow it with special characteristics of an SUV. Price tag – about 950,000 rubles.

Toyota Venza

The company presents its model as an off-road minivan. The machine is an excellent combination of price and quality. This is why fans of Japanese reliable cars love it.

In addition to its excellent appearance, the four-wheeled assistant has a lot of practical qualities. For example, a high ground clearance of 208 mm, the presence of a 2.7 liter gasoline engine with a power of 185 hp. With. The intelligent throttle helps you use fuel wisely. For a car with an automatic 6-speed gearbox they are asking RUB 2,244,000.

Mitsubishi Grandis

A car from a long-established Asian manufacturer also deserves attention. Car owners have already appreciated all the advantages of this brand, which is perfectly adapted to our road conditions.

Toyota Hiace (Toyota Hiace).

Is it sold in the Russian Federation: yes, but all-wheel drive modifications are available for purchase only among used options.

Characteristics and features:

  • easily transformable interior;
  • ergonomics;
  • the engine can be diesel or gasoline, which determines the dynamic characteristics, fuel consumption, and price of the car;
  • front and rear window wipers;
  • fog lights;
  • central locking;
  • ABS;
  • on-board computer;
  • power steering;
  • 2 front airbags;
  • in suburban mode, fuel consumption exceeds 11 liters;
  • manual transmission;
  • maximum speed 150-155 km/h (again depending on the selected engine option);
  • ground clearance - 185 mm.

Price: for a given car varies greatly depending on the year and condition of the car; for a Toyota Hiace with all-wheel drive today they ask from 30 thousand to almost 3 million rubles.

These are, perhaps, all the all-wheel drive minivans with high ground clearance that can be found today in our country and beyond. Perhaps someone will consider this list incomplete, remembering the Mazda5, etc. models, however, they all have less ground clearance than those of the listed models, which is why they were not included in this list. If you can name any other options with ground clearance of more than 14 cm and a capacity of 7 people, share this information with us in the comments.

All-wheel drive minivans these days

It just so happens that all-wheel drive 7-8-seater minivans with high ground clearance are practically not produced today. Only rare companies decide to release such versions, and this is dictated by only one market factor - the ubiquitous popularity of crossovers.

The latter, as is known, have significantly displaced traditional frame SUVs, and minibuses with all-wheel drive at one time completely disappeared from the market. In practice, it turns out that a crossover is not able to fully replace a similar car.

First of all, an all-wheel drive minivan is much more convenient in terms of organizing the internal space. The presence of seven seats in it is not nominal, but a completely “working” solution. At the same time, riders can move between rows of seats, not to mention the fact that the seats can be dismantled, creating a full-fledged cargo compartment.

It is known that many of our compatriots fell in love with Japanese all-wheel drive minivans for fishing and hunting precisely for this reason.

Today, in fact, we have only one all-wheel drive minivan model on the market. In addition, a similar solution has long been successfully produced by the domestic UAZ - the well-known “loaf” UAZ-39625. However, it is unlikely that its level of comfort, or rather its complete absence, will allow it to be considered a solution for lovers of active recreation.

Who buys them and why?

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Based on the above, it becomes clear that the main “supplier” of all-wheel drive minivans with high ground clearance is the secondary market. And based on sales data, you can quite clearly determine who exactly buys such cars.

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These categories include:

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  • Family people
    who often go outdoors, as well as summer residents. The presence of all-wheel drive and high ground clearance allows such car owners to drive on any roads, and the spaciousness of the car makes it possible to easily transport both cargo and passengers.
  • Travelers
    . For travel, a minivan or minibus with high ground clearance and all-wheel drive is optimal due to its cross-country ability and the ability to organize sleeping places inside the car.
  • Hunter-fishermen
    . For them, the car turns out to be convenient due to the above-mentioned properties, but at the same time it makes it possible to easily transport cargo and equipment over long distances on roads with any surface or without them.

The best high clearance cars

It occupies a leading position in the ranking of crossovers with high ground clearance.

Features of this magnificent representative of the automotive industry:

  1. powerful filling with excellent technical characteristics,
  2. ground clearance is 270 mm,
  3. All units and components are of excellent quality.
  4. all-wheel drive technological transmission with Quattro system,

This ensures excellent off-road performance, making Audi the best-selling vehicle in its class in Europe.

This car managed to convince thrifty Europeans to fall in love with all-wheel drive powerful crossovers. The representative of the German automobile industry slightly reduced its ground clearance: now it is 262 mm, previously it was 3 mm more. However, the car remains in high positions in a variety of ratings, because it is difficult not to appreciate the high cross-country ability, many options in a rich configuration that make any trip as comfortable as possible.

( 2 ratings, average 5 out of 5 )
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